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Website Development


Our core work is writing the code that powers the web., SQL, C#,, Javascript, HTML, CSS, we speak your language.

Ecommerce Optimization


We have over 20 years of E-commerce experience. Optimizing slow sites, creating custom features, consulting on new projects, we've done that.

Mobile Friendly


Widescreen desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, we can make your site look and perform great regardless of how your customers find you.

Custom Reporting


Whether you need a simple chart of last month's sales totals or an executive dashboard showing hundreds of metrics, we can bring your data to life.

Shipping Integration


Need an interface for a third party shipping provider or a custom bar-coded fulfillment solution? We can help put some logic in your logistics.

Search Engine


From increasing the speed and relevance of your websites search engine to ranking better on Google and Bing, we know search engines.

Use Case Examples

Below are examples of the types of projects that we've completed for our clients.
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Created a completely custom order fulfillment system for a client that wanted to automate the way they fulfilled orders from their shopping cart.  We added barcodes to both products and packing slips as well as integrated a third party video camera system.   Now order fulfillment personnel simply scans the packing list and items barcodes before packaging the order and the system gives feedback as to whether or not everything was packaged correctly.  Text confirmation of the order items is overlayed onto the video from the camera documenting the entire process.  Order packaging errors and customer returns were reduced. 

Client’s shopping cart management system was modified to allow barcodes to be associated with products and easily printed.  The barcodes were then used to keep track of actual inventory on hand greatly decreasing the time needed to do a full system inventory.

We modified our client’s shopping cart to integrate with their vendor’s backend API to check inventory and warehouse location availability in real-time.  This allows customers to know precisely how many of a particular SKU are available and where they will ship from increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing support calls.

We were approached by a client that had a shopping cart that could not handle a large number of products (around 14,000 at the time). Page load times were terrible and attempts to add more products would make the site fail completely.  After an extensive re-write of some of the shopping carts core code, the shopping cart now has over 9 million products and page load times are speedy.

Added the ability for customers to login to our clients shopping cart and automatically initiate a return for products that are within the return or repair window.  Customers can easily select which product and quantity to return and their reason for return.   They can then print out their RMA form complete with barcoded mailing label.  Once the return is received the customer service representative scans the barcode to mark the items as returned.   They can then either ship a replacement part or credit the client.  The amount of time needed to handle customer returns was greatly reduced.

I’ve been customizing E-commerce solutions for over 20 years, helping hundreds of clients customize, optimize and take their shopping cart platforms to the next level. Creating custom solutions tailored to my clients specific needs is my specialty. My clients have ranged from small one person operations to multi-million dollar enterprises and I strive to offer the best service possible to all of them.

Randall Moore